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The Importance of Detectable Underground Warning Tape

Detectable underground warning tape helps detect, locate, identify, and protect buried utility lines such as water, gas, electrical, sewer, and telecommunications. Detectable underground warning tape comes in different widths, usually 3 inches or 6 inches. You choose the width you use based on the size of and how deeply buried the underground utility is.

How Does It Work?

Detectable underground warning tape has an alum Detectable Underground Warning Tapeinum foil backing that makes it easy to locate with a metal detector. Properly installed, this warning tape can eliminate a potentially catastrophic digging accident. It lets you easily and accurately locate the utilities, so you know where to dig.

What Should You Look For?

Look for an industrial tape supplier with a variety of detectable underground warning tapes in stock. The tape should have excellent flexibility, have no adhesive, and be printable. Some colors you should consider:

Why Is It Important?

Detectable underground warning tape lets you locate and prevent damage to valuable underground utility installations. When excavating, if you don’t locate the utilities first, you are facing severe injury, high repair costs, fines, and outages. According to the Underground Detective, every 6 minutes someone damages an underground utility line because they dug without locating utilities first.

Using detectable underground warning tape in your construction projects lets others find the utilities easily so you can avoid an expensive and dangerous catastrophe.

The LINO International Difference

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