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Heavy Duty Tape: Tips and Uses

Heavy duty tape like electrical insulating and conductive tapes have a variety of backings and adhesives for a wide range of applications and environments. They offer high-temperature resistance and tensile strengths as well as durability and dielectric strength needed in insulating applications. Heavy duty tape is also cut-through and abrasion resistance.

What Can You Use Heavy Duty Tape For?

Here are the key applications for heavy duty tape:

  • Electric insulation below 600 volts
  • Insulating wrapping of electric wires and cables
  • Marking electric wires and cables
  • Use indoor and outdoor

Use PVC tape for insulation and protection over wires and connectors, over splicing and filler compounds, for high voltage electrical appliances, and wire harnessing and maintenance.

What Do the Different Colors Mean?

Contractors use black electrical tape for insulation. They use the other colors to show the voltage level and phase of the wire. The electrician places a ring of electrical tape on each wire near the termination so the wire’s purpose is obvious. Here are what the colors mean:

  • Black – Insulation, low voltage, phase A
  • Red – Low voltage, phase B
  • Blue – Low voltage, phase C
  • Brown – High voltage, phase A
  • Orange – High voltage, phase B
  • Yellow – High voltage, phase C
  • Green – Earth ground

What to Look for in Heavy Duty Tape?

The Underwriters Laboratories approve tape for electrical applications. Look for their approval label on any heavy duty tape before you buy. Also look for 600 volt rated and temperature rated at 80 degrees Celsius and 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, make sure the heavy duty tape you use is ASTHM-D-1000 tested.

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