Single Hub Cast Iron Fittings: What You Should Know

works well for water, waste lines, and venting in commercial, industrial, and some residential applications. Manufacturers cast it in a variety of sizes and styles, such as single-hub, double-hub, and no-hub. This post looks at single hub cast iron fittings a little closer.

What is a Single Hub Fitting?

A single hub cast iron fitting has a hub on one end and a spigot on the other. The spigot of one section fits into the hub of the next. You can use single hub fittings for pipe-to-fitting connections.

Advantages of Single Hub Cast Iron Fittings

Single hub cast iron fittings are very strong and durable for long-lasting performance. They offer quiet operation and fire resistance, particularly important for multi-unit buildings. Finally, single hub cast iron fittings are highly corrosion resistant and less expensive than copper.

Disadvantages of Single Hub Cast Iron Fittings

Beyond being somewhat heavy and cumbersome to work with, single hub cast iron fittings have few disadvantages unlike PVC or other materials.

Requirements for a Safe and Durable Drain, Waste, and Vent System

  • Non-combustibility
  • Strength and rigidity
  • Durability
  • Noise resistance
  • Ability to withstand traffic and trench loads
  • Ability to withstand temperature extremes
  • Low expansion/contraction
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Ex- and infiltration resistant joints
  • Corrosion resistance

Single hub cast iron fittings meet or exceed these requirements. When constructing buildings and facilities to last, single-hub cast iron fittings are the best choice.

The LINO International difference

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The most experienced craftsmen at our factories meet the highest quality standards. LINO’s products are ASTM A888 and UPC certified.

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