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Benefits of Importing Plumbing Supplies from China

Because manufacturing in China is experiencing a boom that is relatively long-lasting, importing plumbing supplies from China can be a smart business decision. Buying bulk goods directly from China is cheaper and comes with lower taxes than buying products from a wholesaler in the United States.

Here are the top benefits of importing plumbing supplies including cast iron pipes and fittings from China that can make a difference in your bottom line.

Reduce your costs

One of the biggest attractions to importing from China is the reduction in manufacturing costs. You can source products in China that are inexpensive, even when including transportation and other expenses. Rather than invest in expensive modern machinery and equipment, companies are choosing to import goods and reduce their costs.

Products of the highest quality

Companies, like Lino International, who work directly with China often have strong relationships with factories. Chinese factories who partner with American companies offer products of the highest quality that meet or exceed standards, regulations, and company quality requirements. Chinese manufacturers understand their reputation depends on the quality products they provide.

Improve your profit margins

With comparatively low wages and input costs, China has some of the most competitive pricing for products anywhere in the world. For businesses seeking greater profit margins, importing from China offers the best alternative. Companies who cultivate long-standing working relationships with Chinese manufacturers gain a competitive advantage over those who don’t import.


You can increase your profitability and surpass your competition through importing from China. Products of the highest quality, lower costs to produce, and controlling your distribution process are benefits that make China an attractive business partner.

The Lino International difference

For nearly 20 years, Lino International, Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer of cast iron pipes, fittings, couplings, tubing, tapes, and safety equipment. Lino is headquartered in New York and operates three plants in China. Our long-term relationship building with our customers and our Chinese plants give you competitive advantage when sourcing your plumbing supplies.

The most experienced craftsmen at our factories meet the highest quality standards. Lino’s products are UPC, CSA, UL, ISO, and ANSI certified.

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wholesale plumbing supplies

5 Little-Known Facts About Plumbing Supply Wholesale Importing

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, importing is big business today—around $1.2 trillion annually. Wholesale importing continues to grow as companies expand in size and pursue new markets for their products.

Here are five little-known facts about wholesale importing you’ll want to share with others.

1. Conglomerates do not rule the market.

Big corporations make up only 4% of importers/exporters. That means 96% are small and medium-sized companies who are staying competitive using imports to satisfy customers.

2. Importing is more about availability—at the right price.

Manufacturing in the United States may not provide the best solution, especially compared to the competitive pricing international manufacturers can provide. Companies using only domestically manufactured products may have higher input costs.

3. Technology makes a big difference in wholesale importing.

Importing is a data-driven industry. Technology makes it easy to manage inventory and streamline your supply chain. A business information system can efficiently manage customer and order information from around the world.

4. China is a leading global manufacturer.

Thanks to highly efficient production and competitive costs, China is one of the top producers of a staggering number of products. U.S. companies with access to imported goods at reduced prices gain an advantage over their competitors.

5. You will not compromise quality when importing.

U.S. and European countries set strict standards which other countries must comply with for imports. You can rest assured China produces products of the highest quality.


The world is a very connected place, which can benefit your wholesale plumbing supply business with a competitive advantage in lower prices and better quality products. Also, technology is bridging the gap between countries so real-time communications can take place between wholesalers and factories around the world. Finally, wholesale importing is not the playing field of large enterprises. In fact, small and medium-sized companies often have the biggest advantage in this market.

The Lino International difference

Lino International, Inc. is a trusted manufacturer of cast iron pipes, fittings, couplings, tubing, tapes, and safety equipment. Lino is headquartered in New York, with three manufacturing facilities in China. We focus on providing complete service and support through proven procurement, manufacturing, and logistics processes to ensure continued long-term relationships and your success.

Lino utilizes the latest technology available, and our experienced employees meet the highest quality standards with consistency and reliability.

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