Applications for Cast Iron Fittings

Cast iron is the premier piping material for sanitary and storm drains, waste, and vent (DWV) applications. It has served DWV applications for hundreds of years. Cast iron fittings are best used for non-pressure applications where temperatures will not exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, cast iron pipes and fittings are the most durable DWV piping system available. Engineers and plumbers use them in all types of construction thanks to a high crush strength, fire resistance, and excellent sound-deadening performance.

What to Consider in Commercial Cast Iron Fitting Applications

Safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness drive plumbing design. You also must include environmental quality, acoustics, and sound attenuation when planning commercial projects.

Value engineering can have negative effects. Excessive noise from the plumbing systems typically does not become an issue until tenants occupy the building. And at this late date, it is expensive to fix.

When to Consider Value Engineering

Identifying genuine money savings early in the design process allows you to find and rectify potential pitfalls in the design. For example, you cannot rectify unacceptably loud drain lines late in the construction process. But you can avoid them with the proper methodologies used early in the design process.

A Familiar Story

Consider a small university in the Midwest. The design engineer specified cast iron pipes for the drain lines in the dorm rooms. However, the plumbing contractor suggested they use PVC drain lines instead to cut costs. The general contractor and owner agreed.

After students moved into the building, however, they complained about the excessive noise when their dorm room neighbors flushed toilets or took showers.

There are two possible resolutions to this problem. Bore large holes in the walls and fit insulation or sound baffling around as much of the PVC pies as possible. Or remove the PVC piping and replace it with the original cast iron specified. Naturally, the school chose boring holes, which lead to significant extra time, money, and energy to carry out.


Dorm living is not the only fitting application where you should consider sound attenuation concerns. For example, the large hospitality industry, hospitals, convalescent facilities, nursing homes, multi-family homes, schools, prisons, and other commercial buildings should pay special attention.

The Lino International Difference

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