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Types of Barricade Tapes and Their Uses

Barricade tape is a brightly colored tape with a two-tone pattern of colors used to get someone’s attention. Some brightly colored barricade tapes feature the words “Caution” and “Danger to warm others about a situation that could be hazardous.

When you block off the entrance to something with barricade tape, you prevent someone from accidentally entering an area that could be dangerous. Barricade tape is a visual warning sign in an industrial or commercial building site or a roadworks construction site.

While barricade tape is fairly self-explanatory, did you know the different color combinations have different uses and meanings?

OSHA and ANSI Regulations

All barricade tape designs must comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations. Here are the two most common colors and uses of barricade tapes:

  • Red and white barricade tape – Use red and white barricade tape to signify fire prevention and protection equipment. For example, you can use red barricade tape to show danger from overhead work, live electrical components, scaffold under construction, or even the swing around the radius of equipment that rotate.
  • Yellow and black caution tape – This combination usually incorporates printed text like “Caution.” Construction sites use it to let people know about the possible hazards on site. For example, yellow and black caution tape would block someone from falling in a hole.

While it is possible to buy plain barricade tape to write a custom message on it, you should be careful to comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations.

Final Thoughts

Barricade tape is very durable, resilient, and tear-proof. Depending on the manufacturer, it can come in various widths and sizes. The most common size is 3 inches wide and lengths of 300 feet or 1,000 feet.

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