Hubless Cast Iron Fittings and Their Uses

Standards organizations classify cast iron pipe and fittings used in the United States as either hub and spigot or hubless. Plumbers also refer to hubless pipe and fittings as no-hub.

What Are Hubless Cast Iron Fittings?

Cast iron is the industry standard material for sanitary and storm drain, waste, and vent applications in commercial and industrial construction. Plumbers used it for hundreds of years, and it is perfect for non-pressure applications where temperatures will not exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hubless cast iron fittings connect no-hub pipes and fittings simply, quickly, and easily compared to hub and spigot couplings. In the past, hub and spigot cast iron piping required a variety of dangerous tools and methods to join. Hubless cast iron fittings are more in use today, but you can still find applications for hub and spigot.

Uses for Cast Iron Fittings

Cast iron fittings are the backbone of drain, waste, and vent plumbing systems, particularly in commercial and industrial applications. From a liability standpoint, avoiding substitutions for cast iron in your construction can be critical.

Any construction where fire-resistance is important should use cast iron. Also, cast iron reduces the noise of flowing water and waste in multi-unit buildings where sound travels. Cast iron has excellent crush strength and corrosion-resistance for buried applications.

How to Join Hubless Cast Iron Fittings

CISPI 301 requires companies manufacture cast iron pipe and fittings without a hub. To join pipes and fittings, a metal shielded hubless coupling telescopes over the plain ends. Then you torque to seal the joint.

Wall thickness of cast iron pipe and fittings varies depending on the size. There are also a wide variety of configurations for pipe sizes ranging from 1 1/2 to 15 inches.

The Lino International Difference

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