Uses for Pipe Wrap Tape

Pipe wrap tape has a variety of practical uses in plumbing, the oil and gas industry, and at commercial or industrial facilities. It creates a watertight seal on pipes, both plastic and metal. For example, in plumbing, pipe wrap tape adds another layer of protection against leaks and drips.

Sealing is just one application. Pipe wrap tape can wrap any pipe, from those in oil and gas fields to an underground sprinkler system. Pipe wrap tape is excellent at preventing corrosion, insulating pipes against freezing, and covering sharp edges.

What Makes Pipe Wrap Tape Different?

Manufacturers design pipe wrapping tape specifically for pipe systems. The key benefits that set it apart from other types of tape include:

  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Corrosion prevention

Other types of tape like duct tape and electrical tape will melt if a pipe gets extremely hot, nor are they fully waterproof. Tapes that receive approval from the UPC can withstand the elements, both above and below ground.

How to Choose Pipe Wrap Tape

You want a UPC approved PVC coated tape with a rubber-based adhesive. It will offer a strong bond in all plumbing situations. PVC pipe wrap is the most common type used, but consider the following before you buy:

  • Backing: Backing material includes PVC, SPVC, self-fusing silicone, and foam. Plumbers use PVC tapes for general applications, while a self-fusing backing would create a stronger bond.
  • Adhesive: Choose adhesives based on the average temperate at the site and other factors. You can choose from rubber-based adhesives that create strong bonds. These are widely used. There are also silicon and acrylic backings, but acrylic takes longer to cure.
  • Thickness and Length:. Each roll of pipe wrap tape comes in a certain length. Measure before you order to get the right tape. Also, thickness depends on the type of material used in the tape; you use thicker tapes for insulation.

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