Large Plumbing Pipes: Sourcing and Use

Large diameter water lines create less friction, so regarding water supply, bigger is better. For example, an 8-inch diameter water main supplies hundreds of homes. Large diameter cast iron pipes also serve as waste water, sewer, oil and gas transportation lines, and agricultural pipe.

Choosing large plumbing pipes

Cast iron pipe and fittings fall under two categories in the U.S.: hub and spigot and hubless (or no-hub).

Hubless cast iron pipe comes manufactured without a hub in compliance with CISPI 301. You join a hubless pipe and fittings with a metallic shielded hubless coupling that telescopes over the plain ends and then torques to seal the joint. Hubless cast iron pipe and fittings’ wall sizes vary depending on size, which can range from 1 1/2 inch to 15 inches.

Hub and spigot pipe and fittings have hubs into which the plain end (the spigot) inserts. A thermoset gasket seals the joint, or you can use lead and oakum. You can choose from two classes, or thicknesses, of hub and spigot pipe and fittings, either Service or Extra Heavy. These pipes and fittings are not interchangeable because manufacturers add extra wall thickness to the outside diameter of Extra Heavy.

Manufacturing large plumbing pipes

Large plumbing pipes such as cast iron must meet quality testing and chemical and tensile testing every four hours during production. Foundries use recycled scrap iron and steel in their cast iron pipe and cast iron fittings. Because recycled materials can contain radiation contamination, radiation screening equipment checks all iron and steel used in the production process.

Foundries comprise six major departments: radiation screening, raw material storage yard, melting area, molding and casting area, cleaning department, and storage and shipping.

Electric melting equipment, such as cordless induction furnaces, melt the scrap iron and metal, which flows directly to the pouring area. The casting process is highly mechanized, and centrifugal casting and modern static casting offer rigid production control and high-quality pipe and fittings to exacting specifications.

Finding a wholesale cast iron supplier

Companies who work directly with China have strong relationships with factories. Chinese factories produce large plumbing pipes that meet or exceed standards, regulations, and company quality requirements.

For businesses seeking greater profit margins, working with a cast iron wholesaler who sources from China offers competitive pricing to improve your profit margins. Even when including transportation and other expenses, international wholesalers can help you reduce your costs and boost your bottom line.

The LINO International difference

For nearly 20 years, LINO International, Inc. is a trusted manufacturer of cast iron pipes, fittings, couplings, tubing, tapes, and safety equipment. LINO is headquartered in New York and operates three plants in China. Our long-term relationship building with our customers and our Chinese plants give you a competitive advantage when sourcing your plumbing supplies.

The most experienced craftsmen at our factories meet the highest quality standards. LINO’s products are UPC, CSA, UL, ISO, and ANSI certified.

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