An Overview of Industrial Pipe Fittings

At a basic level, industrial pipe fittings add strength to a structure, assembly, or mechanical part. Fittings such as flanges cover, close, connect, and support systems ranging from basic plumbing to industry networks.

Manufactured to tight standards

Industrial pipe fittings are essential tools used in numerous industries around the world. To keep consistency and high performance, reliable quality, and easily interchangeable pieces, manufacturers design industrial pipe fittings with standard dimensions and specifications.

In the U.S., industrial pipe fittings standards and certifications include ASA, ANSI, ASME, UPC, CSA, UL, and ISO. To make sure your industrial pipe fittings perform correctly, it is critical a wholesale plumbing supplier meet or exceed these standards and certifications.

Industries and applications

There is a broad range of applications for industrial pipe fittings, some of which include:

  • Valves, pumps, and pipes in food processing and manufacturing
  • Pipe connections in industrial waterworks
  • Assemblies in gas, oil, and petroleum industries
  • Plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Fire protection systems


Industrial pipe fittings come in different styles, sizes, and materials. From no-hub cast iron fittings to grooved fittings and no-hub couplings, it is critical to have the right fitting in the right size for your particular application.

The LINO International difference

For nearly 20 years, LINO International, Inc. has remained a trusted manufacturer of cast iron pipe, fittings, couplings, tubing, tapes, and safety equipment, with headquarters in New York and three plants in China. We offer complete service and support through procurement, manufacturing, and logistics to ensure our continued long-term relationship and your company’s success.

We use the latest technology available, and only the most experienced craftsmen at our factories to meet the highest quality standards with consistency and reliability.

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